Yearly Archive: 2014

colour matching

How paint colour matching works

December 18 2014

Colour matching paint is a science, not an art.  Do you remember from high school science that colour is made of light waves?  This is true of all colours we see whether its house paint or flowers.  A painted surface will reflect waves of light at different wavelengths and this makes us see particular colour. …

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Black polished pebbles

Design with black polished pebbles

December 18 2014

Wallington’s landscape supplies sells black polished pebbles in bulk so what you do with them is only limited by your imagination. Decorative polished black pebbles are naturally smoothed and polished as they tumble through the flowing waters of mountain rivers.  The black river pebbles we stock in our Bellarine landscape supplies yard, just 15 minutes…

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Paint colours

Choosing paint colours

December 9 2014

Looking for interior design ideas this summer?  Perhaps the easiest way to revamp your home interiors is with a fresh coat of paint.  A simple colour matching of your existing home decoration is a low risk and inexpensive option.  This doesn’t necessarily mean painting your house the same colour, you can always colour match to…

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Garden Pots

Why Garden Pots?

December 3 2014

Garden pots make perfect sense in a small city home, but if you have a decent sized suburban block somewhere like Ocean Grove or Leopold, or even acreage in Drysdale then what’s the point? Good question. In the first instance, a stunning pot makes relatively inexpensive architectural feature. Like a piece of well-chosen décor in…

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Water Tank Sale

Discount on stocked water tanks

November 25 2014

Install your rain water tank now and take advantage of the big rains before we hit summer.  We’ve had some crazy rains around Geelong and the Bellarine the last few weeks and there’s still a little bit more on the way.  But you’ll need to be quick to catch all that free water because the prediction…

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Wallington’s Christmas Market

November 20 2014

Sunday 7th of December from 10am – 3pm, we’re hosting a Christmas market with loads of yummy food, things to see and buy! The lovely people from Buy Bellarine will be bringing along a great selection from the Produce Barn in Drysdale, including: Sage Beef and Lamb from Bannockburn Bellarine Golden Olive Oils Manuka honey Locally baked breads…

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Interior Paints

Spring home paint ideas

November 12 2014

People of Geelong, it’s time to get painting! If you live on the Bellarine Peninsular anywhere from Leopold to Queenscliff, from Barwon Heads or Ocean Grove to Drysdale and Clifton Springs, then you’ll be expecting visitors this summer – all summer! So now is the time to spruce up your home with a little interior…

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Garden Mulch

Choosing a garden mulch

October 30 2014

Garden mulch is like a health tonic for your garden, whether it’s a backyard vegie patch or formal flower bed.  We recommend gardeners in Geelong and district apply a quality garden mulch to help retain water, moderate the impact of both hot and cold temperatures, reduce weeds and fight pests.  Which all means, you spend…

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Sprinkler irrigation

November lawn and garden care

October 30 2014

With warmer weather on its way, now is the time to check your irrigation system to ensure its working correctly and efficiently.  Simple things such as cleaning out filters, repairing leaks or possibly changing the way you water your garden can make all the difference.  Consider installing a drip feed irrigation system or set up…

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Dog Food with added Veges

October 14 2014

Ever wondered why some dog food contains vegetables? To get a fully nutritional diet the prevalent understanding for healthy dog food is a ratio of meat (50%), raw bones (25%) and veggies (25%).  Unlike people, you don’t need to stick to this ratio on a daily basis but over a longer period, like a week.  It’s fine for…

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