Why farm gates are popular in Geelong

March 6 2014Farm Gates Geelong | Wallington Fencing Supplies

Farm gates come in many shapes and sizes so it is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

When choosing a gate it’s important to consider its primary function. Is your gate intended to make a grand entrance to your rural property or stop your animals wandering?

If it’s to contain pets and livestock then you really can’t go past a metal farm gate. Metal farm gates are strong and durable. A fully galvanised metal gate will last for years even in coastal Bellarine Peninsula areas. However farm gates are also just a popular in areas like Geelong.

It is essential for the safety of your four legged friend that they are kept in an enclosed yard. Living in a busy traffic area like Geelong, roaming dogs are at risk of being hit by cars so a farm gate is an ideal way to keep them contained.

A farm gate is reasonably priced and easy to install with most gates manufactured with the required fittings already welded to them. At Wallington’s WRG we stock a selection of farm gates and our friendly experienced staff can advise on the best way to install them.

So for a functional gate which ensure that your animals are kept safe regardless of whether you live in a rural area or Geelong consider a farm gate.