Choosing paint colours

December 9 2014

Looking for interior design ideas this summer?  Perhaps the easiest way to revamp your home interiors is with a fresh coat of paint.  A simple colour matching of your existing home decoration is a low risk and inexpensive option.  This doesn’t necessarily mean painting your house the same colour, you can always colour match to a throw cushion.  If that’s too bold for your tastes, a great interior design idea is to do a feature wall.  You can bring your bright cushion or maybe a vase into Wallington’s and we’ll colour match it to the best interior paint brand for your home. By choosing your paint colour this way, you don’t need to invest in a whole new colour scheme, which might involve replacing furniture, curtains and accessories.

Want to do something more exciting, within a budget? Look for interior decorating ideas online or in magazines and think about what you can re-purpose in your own home.  Cushions can be recovered and furniture can be painted.  Painting furniture is easier than you think as long as you use the right product, such as a Rust-Oleum spray paint. You can paint wooden, plastic and metal furniture. For a modern interior design look, repurpose outdoor furniture indoors!  The Paint Place blog has heaps of ideas and inspiration for transforming homewares and furniture.

Your wall paint is key. Again, you can get great interior painting ideas from magazines and on line. You can even take inspiration from your favourite dress or handbag.  We had a lady from Ocean Grove in recently who had bought one of our garden pots and wanted to colour match it for a feature wall in her dining room! A couple from Queenscliff based their bedroom colour scheme on a tin of pumpkin soup! With a deep burgundy and orange. For more conservative interior painting ideas, visit display homes, you’ll find they’re following the latest in interior décor trends.

Perhaps you’ve got one colour in mind, or something you need to work with, like the carpet or couch and you need to understand the best colour scheme to work this in with.  Interior paint catalogues feature colour pallets to suit a variety of colour schemes.  And again, we can colour match for you.

The Paint Place website has loads of interior painting tips and home decorating inspiration, including a great range of colour schemes. If you like the colour combinations you see on the website, then visit us and collect a sample pot of colour to try at home.

Did you know, interior paint colours aren’t exclusive to brands? If you want to paint over an existing wall in the same colour, you don’t need to buy the same brand of paint again.  Bring in your old paint tin, or chip off a sample of the paint you want to replace and we can match it for you and mix it up with one of our premium paint brands.  When you use quality interior paints, like Haymes or Wattyl, you’ll get better longevity because they’re fade resistant, mould resistant and easily washable.

Come and visit our friendly and experienced staff at Wallington’s WRG, just 15 minutes from central Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsular.  We can’t make your colour choices for you, but we’ll offer a sympathetic ear and can give you plenty of advice on interior painting techniques and where to look for painting ideas.