How paint colour matching works

December 18 2014

Colour matching paint is a science, not an art.  Do you remember from high school science that colour is made of light waves?  This is true of all colours we see whether its house paint or flowers.  A painted surface will reflect waves of light at different wavelengths and this makes us see particular colour.  As we all know, the variations are practically infinite.

It’s impossible to describe a colour to someone accurately, even when we compare it to something else.  We can say we want a sunflower yellow paint for our feature wall and find at least half a dozen paint chips that could be called sunflower, but are any of them really the colour of my new toaster?

With interior paints, this becomes even more difficult when you’re trying to colour match to an existing paint.  If you’ve got a few scuffs and chips, you don’t want to repaint the whole room if you can get away with painting just one wall.  Or at least doing just a single coat to touch things up.

Rather than talking in circles about shades and hues or going backwards and forwards with paint chips from endless brands of paint, Wallington’s offers an accurate paint colour matching service using a spectrophotometer.

A what?

A spectrophotometer.

This device accurately measures the wavelengths of light reflected by the sample it’s analysing.  Basically, it gives a precise scientific reading of a colour then translates this (via computer software) into a paint colour formula.

This means you can bring in any colour that takes your fancy, as long as it’s a non-reflective surface, or a chipped off piece of paint from an existing wall and we can mix up a paint on the spot exactly the colour you’re looking for.

How easy is that?

Wallington’s WRG is conveniently located on Grubb Rd, about halfway between Ocean Grove and Drysdale, only 15 minutes from central Geelong along the Bellarine Highway towards Queenscliff.  So if you’re looking for a specific colour, come in store and we’ll make it for you.

We only stock premium paints, which not only make your painting job easier, but they last longer.