20% OFF Haymes paint Geelong

January 22 2015

Looking for Haymes paint Geelong? Just 15 minutes from the centre of town, Wallington’s WRG now has 20% off  the entire Haymes Ultra Premium paint range.

For a great interior paint, Haymes Interior Expressions should be top of your wish list. Its superb coverage means you require less effort and paint to achieve that beautiful result you have been dreaming of. Made with environmentally aware production processes, the Haymes Interior Expressions range is 99% VOC free – A family friendly formulation, that allows you to move back in virtually straight after painting, meaning it emits no offensive fumes or odours for the life of the paint – now that’s A Breath of Fresh Air™!

Brilliantly easy to use with minimal roller splatter and the convenience of water wash-up. Haymes Interior Expressions is a washable, stain-resistant paint that is presented in a variety of finishes that are available in thousands of colours.

If you’re planning to do some interior wall painting, check out the Haymes paint colours trend guide for inspiration.  Looking for a specific wall paint colour? Colour matching paint is what we do. Never mind that the interior paint colour you’re keen on isn’t in the Haymes colour range, matching paint colours from one brand to another is as easy dreamt of as done.  If you need touch up paint, we can do that too. Find out more about paint colour matching in our blog.

The Haymes Ultra Premium range includes:

  • interior paint
  • outdoor paint
  • primer paint
  • wood stain (Woodcare’s Dexpress)
  • weathershield paint (Solashield)


If you need an outdoor paint, then you can’t go past Haymes Solashield. It’s one of the best exterior paints in the Haymes range, combining the advantages of our ultra violet resistant formula and water based colorant system to deliver rich, full colour and unprecedented durability.

Haymes Solashield is exclusively formulated to be flexible, protecting against cracking, peeling and chalking whilst offering salt and dirt resistant properties. Solashield is also resistant to mould and colour fade and is simple to apply; with superb adhesion, great coverage, minimal roller splatter and the convenience of water wash-up.

Delivering superior UV resistance and a 15-year sun protection guarantee*, Haymes Solashield is available in thousands of colours that not only add beautiful style but also provide surfaces with long lasting protection.  Haymes Solashield is the ultimate protection against the elements.

And once again, you’re not restricted to Haymes paint colours with this premium outdoor paint.  Our paint colour matching service extends to exterior paints, as well as interior paint.  We have the technology for matching paint colours from different brands and swatches you bring in from anywhere.

Wallington’s also stocks all the painting tools you need to get the job done right.  From paint rollers and brushes, to drop sheets and buckets, we’ve got arguably the best range of painting tools in Geelong.