Its Time To Mulch!

January 7 2015

A beautiful garden is the perfect spot to enhance the quality of your home and life. Natural green surroundings have a positive effect on the mind and help in bringing in a sense of calm and relaxation. Having a garden of your own is having an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

While having a garden is beautiful, taking care of it is essential. A garden requires care, maintenance and regular upkeep to be able to provide you with the beauty you desire. At Wallingtons WRG Geelong we are a team of passionate garden enthusiasts. We offer products and suggestions for the upkeep and best maintenance practices for your garden. Summer time is here, and it’s the perfect time to sit in the garden and enjoy a beautiful day outside. Summer time is also the time your garden deserves the perfect garden mulch.

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What is Garden Mulch and why you need it this summer?

Garden Mulch can be obtained using a variety of materials. These are organic residues that help improve the quality of the soil and result in a healthy and beautiful garden growth. It is spread over the soil and helps in retaining the moisture, keeping the soil cool and also enhances the look of any garden. These properties make it an essential addition to your garden during the hot summer days.

At Wallingtons WRG Geelong we offer a variety of mulch at very low but competitive prices. We ensure the best of quality and only offer products that help you get the best of results. We understand gardens and landscape needs and are able to suggest the best landscape supplies for your garden. Additionally, we offer Landscape supplies and garden supplies that can make your garden beautiful, healthy, well maintained and your absolute favorite spot! Mulch prices vary according to the materials used and it is important to use the perfect mulch in accordance to the plants and kinds of greens you have in your garden. Mulch must also be specific to the weather and garden needs. At Wallingtons WRG Geelong you can be sure of the best mulch at the best price!

This summer, treat your garden with quality mulch and enjoy the beauty and joy it will give in return! It’s time to mulch and upgrade your garden supplies today.