How to hang wallpaper

February 26 2015

Want to Wallpaper, but too scared to ask? 

Garry in our paint supplies department once worked as a painter and decorator for more decades than he’d care to mention.  As you can imagine, he knows pretty much everything there is to know about interior and exterior painting, including timber care.

Garry also knows quite a bit about wallpapering, which prompted him to make a YouTube video a few years back.

“I was sick of the advice people were getting about hanging wallpaper from popular TV shows,” explains Garry (a charming but opinionated fellow).

According to Garry, people shouldn’t feel intimidated by wallpaper.  “It’s all in the prep. The actual hanging is easy if you take the time to prepare yourself and use the right tools. Allow the adhesive to get tacky and there’s an extra special technique with folding before hanging, that’ll simplify the whole process.”

Watch Garry’s video on YouTube, or come speak to the man in person – he’s local.