End of winter Pool Care

July 23 2015

Hey remember the guys at Wallington’s Pool Supplies? Summer’s just around the corner and we have experienced an exceptionally cold winter so you might be discovering maintenance issues both in around your pool.

Things to look for start with the obvious.  Over the winter months you should have been running the pool pump every day for at least 2-3 hours this is so important and you will glad you did when swim season is here.  Take the time to check for leaks and listen to the pool pump; if there is bearing noise, or you notice any unusual sounds your pump may make, it probably needs servicing.  Bring it in to us for a professional service and advice on pool pump maintenance.

You should also give your filter a good clean to remove oils, scum and dirt build up.  This enables better filtration, thereby providing cleaner pool water. A thorough clean of the filter will also increase the lifespan of your equipment by eliminating pressure build up.

A Filter Cleaner and Degreaser can be used to clean the sand in you sand filter as well as the cartridges in your cartridge filter. If you have a cartridge filter, you should remove the cartridge and soak it in the chemical cleaner. It is worth having two cartridges so you can always have one on standby while the other is being soaked. Your sand may need to be replaced after several years if your filter cleaner is not doing the job anymore.

In most cases your sand filter can be converted to a glass media which leads to superior filtration.

The end of winter is also the right time to review your pool cleaning equipment, including leaf rakes, brushes, and vacuums. Make sure all your equipment is clean and in good working order.  You may need to consider replacing some equipment as it ages and deteriorates.

Another piece of equipment that needs to be replaced from time to time is your pool’s cover, solar blanket and rollers.  Wallington’s supplies Daisy Pool Covers.  Backed by years of research and testing, Daisy products are specially designed, tested and manufactured in Australia. Check out the information on their web site to help you choose the right product for you, or talk to one of experienced pool supplies team member for more information.

Our Pool Supplies team are always ready with professional advice to help you work less and play more when it comes to using your pool.  Wallington’s WRG have the pool chemicals and accessories to make your pool safe and inviting.  Using the latest water analysing spin disc technology, we can test your pool water quickly and accurately, with an easy to read print out. We’re open seven days.