Interior paint tips for winter

July 21 2015

It’s fine to be tackling an interior paint project over winter.  Let’s face it, most of us have better things to do in the summer than be stuck inside painting walls. And winter is certainly not time to be thinking exterior paint!

As well as our Paint Supplies teams’ 12 Interior Paint Tips, there are two key things to consider if you are painting your interiors during the colder months.

Frist you need to use a low VOC paint.  VOC stands for volatile organic compounds.  These are organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at room temperature, which causes large numbers of molecules to evaporate and enter the surrounding air. These can get into your lungs, eyes and skin and cause irritation.  It is important to use a low VOC paint indoors in winter considering your ventilation will be reduced in an effort to keep your room warm enough for successful paint coverage. Even in summer you should look for an interior paint with low VOC as the healthiest option for your house and family.

Our New Look Wattyl Paint is low odour / low VOC and the Haymes Interior Expressions range is 99% VOC free.

TIP: You can reduce paint fume smells by simply putting a bucket of water in the middle of the room to absorb the fumes.  In winter, this is a much better idea than opening a window because you can’t afford to have the room cool down too much.

Second; your walls need to be warmer than 15 degrees, so don’t turn the heating off in the room you’re painting.  If your walls are colder than 15 degrees the interior paint probably won’t adhere properly and will take much longer to dry.  It’s a good idea to keep the room heated for at least 36 hours after you’ve painted to ensure the paint adheres well to the walls and dries evenly.

You also need to be mindful of the humidity in the air.  Generally we don’t think of winter as humid because it’s cold, but if the air is damp your interior paint will struggle to dry.  While the paint remains wet it won’t properly bond to the walls.  This can cause paint to sag, pick up dust and smudge easily when you move furniture back into the room.

So there’s just a few small things to be mindful of, otherwise winter is as good a time as any  to do that interior  paint job you’ve been putting off.  In fact think of the positives, you’re indoors with the heat on & you can even watch the footy while you paint!

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