Pool care from Paint Supplies!

July 23 2015

Did you know all round quality pool care includes visiting paint supplies?

There’s no doubt the paving stones around your pool get their fair share of foot traffic, not to mention potential damage from water and pool chemicals.  They’re also a surface you want to keep nice and clean, so you can lie out and soak up the warmth from the pavers. And you certainly don’t want to be replacing them, it’s an arduous and messy job!

Which all means, your pool pavers need to be regularly maintained and well sealed.  Keeping your pool surround clean and well-sealed will keep your pavers looking new and extend their life span as well as contributing to your overall enjoyment of your pool.

Your pool pavers will need to be resealed every three to four years.  You should be able to tell when it’s time when you start to notice significant wear.

And seal before summer!  Not just because you’ll be using the pool in summer, but also because the sealer needs to be applied in temperatures under 27 degrees Celsius.  If the weather is too hot you will have adhesion problems and bubbling.

Newly laid paving or aggregate can be sealed after 30-60days.  You want to wait a while because the newly laid material needs to settle into position with the effects of water, air and wind.

It’s important to clean the surface prior to sealing.  Use quality degreasing cleaner to remove oil and grease form the surface. Then wash the surface with an acid wash to ensure porosity.  On new surfaces only use a half strength acid wash to avoid damage.

If your surface has been coated before, you should check the surface porosity before applying your sealer. Choose an inconspicuous area and pour on a small amount of sealer. After a few minutes rub the area with a clean rag.  The sealer should become tacky and dry after about half an hour. If you get this result and the surface is clean, it’s time to go ahead and seal.  If the sealer has not penetrated the surface and dried after half an hour, you’ll need to give it another acid wash.

To maintain beautiful pavers, establish a regular cleaning regime.  This will also help extend the lifetime of your pavers.  Sweep the pavers to remove dirt and debris daily in summer.  As well as keeping your paved area looking good, this helps keep the pool clean by reducing the amount of debris falling in.  Then at least once a month use a high pressure hose to give the surface a good clean.  You can scale back your cleaning commitments over winter, but don’t abandon them completely or you’ll regret it come spring!  Read more about Winter pool maintenance.

Keep your eye out for sneaky weeds and mosses that can grow between pavers, as well as a source of dirt and debris, these plants can cause your pavers to lift out of position.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions when applying a sealer.  And while you’re in store, speak to our experienced sales staff in Paint supplies.