Time for a pool care check up?

August 11 2015

Let’s face it pool care can be difficult to manage. From pool pumps and pool filters to chemical balance it isn’t easy keeping an eye on things.

Now is a great time to give your swimming pool a professional check-up. Wallington’s Pool Supplies Team can review the health and safety of your pool and advise on the best way to look after your valuable asset. Our pool supplies experts cover all the details – from pool chemicals, equipment to water balance.

It’s simple to get started; just visit in-store. We’ll help you look after your pool and take care of everything, giving you time to ‘swim more and work less’™

Here’s our top three quick tips to getting your pool healthy for summer.

1. Pool water test

Bring a sample of your pool water into Wallington’s for a free on the spot water test, complete with printed report and friendly advice. We’ll test your water for:

pH level
A measure of how acidic or alkaline your pool water is. If pH is low, then the pool water is acidic and can cause irritation to eyes. Acidic pool water can also wrinkle pool liners, damage plaster etching and cause corrosion to pool equipment. It will also mean chlorine is used up quicker and will need to be replaced more frequently. If pH is too high, then the pool water is too alkaline. This will make the water cloudy due to scale forming, this can also effect pool chlorine efficiency. Alkaline swimming pool water can also cause eye and skin irritation.

Total alkalinity (TA)
Related to your pH reading this refers to the over-all amount of alkaline chemicals in your pool and can be impacted by deterioration in the pool’s physical surfaces.

Chlorine is your best defence against bacteria and algae that can cause infections. The amount of chlorine you need can vary depending not only on your filter system and cycle but also on water temperature, water level, amount of debris and the number of people using the pool. These factors can change daily, which is why having your swimming pool water tested regularly is so important.

Calcium hardness
If calcium levels are too low it can accelerate the deterioration of pool surfaces. Too high, your water will get cloudy and a white calcium scale will build up on surfaces and equipment. This can limit your filter’s ability to trap dirt.

2. Filtration and cleaning

Skimming and vacuuming regularly is essential to good pool care. Skim off any leaves from the surface and remove leaves from the bottom of the swimming pool or spa. It’s important to remove leaves from the bottom to keep the pool clean, and prevent them from staining your swimming pool tiles or concrete.

Correct filtration is so important, without good circulation filtration chemicals alone won’t fix your pool. If your pool water pump is too small, circulation will be poor resulting in numerous problems such as constant algae and “dead spots” in your pool, especially in corners and on steps, where dirt accumulates.

Don’t forget to maintain your pool water filter. At least twice a year it is vital to degrease the filter media in order to keep your filter working correctly. Use your pressure gauge as a guide to backwash and check that your swimming pool filtration system is working in the correct pressure range.

3. Pool fence and gate safety

As well as the health of your swimmers, it is important to ensure the pool area is safe for young children, pets and non-swimmers. Before the high traffic of summer check the integrity of your pool fencing. Of utmost importance is to ensure your gate self-closing and self-latching mechanisms are in working order. If they need replacing, Wallington’s stocks replacement pool latches of the highest Australian standards. Also check the perimeter is clear of climbable objects such as garden furniture, plant pots, bins etc. And make sure there are no gaps under the fence. Be vigilant! Make sure the gate is shut!

Follow these three easy steps for a safe and healthy summer of swimming pool fun! And remember, we’re open seven days a week for free water testing and all the professional friendly advice you need.