Automated garden watering

October 7 2015

Install a tap timer for an automatic garden watering and sprinkler system and enjoy relaxing in your garden this summer!

Wallington’s Irrigation Supplies team have the knowledge and equipment to help you construct the ideal automated watering and garden sprinkler system to ensure your plants and lawn get just the right amount of water throughout summer and all year around.  Use a Rain Sensor with your watering system for reliable water efficiency.

When you come to automate your garden watering, there are three main options available:

  • Manual tap timer
  • Automatic Tap Timer
  • Fully automated watering system

Manual tap timer

This system is easy to install and operate. Simply connect a tap timer to your garden tap connect your hose and sprinkler system to the other side of the timer. Set the required time on the timer by turning the dial, and then turn the tap on.  The timer will shut off the flow of water once the set time has elapsed.

  • Simple
  • Connects directly to the garden tap
  • No electricity or batteries
  • Suits tap based watering systems, hose and sprinklers

Automatic tap timer

Just as simple to install as a manual tap timer and only slightly more effort to program but a lot more relaxing once you’ve got it all set up.  Connect the timer directly to your garden tap and connect your hose, drip or sprinkler system to the other side. Pre program your timer with start and stop times, sit back and relax!  The timer will turn the water flow on and shut it off at your pre-programmed times, whether you are home or not.

There are a variety of automatic tap timers available.  Many have the option of multiple start times and allow you to select different watering programs for different days of the week or interval watering, such as every 2nd or 3rd day.

Automatic tap timers are battery operated.  They suit hose and sprinklers, drip irrigation systems as well as lawn pop-up systems.

  • Program to turn on and off automatically at set times
  • Connect directly to the garden tap
  • Battery operated
  • Suits tap based watering systems

Fully automated watering system

This is a more complex watering system connected to the mains water and power.  You will need to engage a Licensed Plumber to install.

Fully automated watering systems turn the water on and off automatically in multiple and separate garden areas independently. They have many components including auto controllers, solenoid valves and accessories.

  • Complex system
  • Requires a licenced plumber
  • Can control irrigation for an entire garden
  • Suits gardens with multiple separate watering areas
  • Connects to mains water and power

Five Tips from our Experts!

  • Don’t overtighten your tap timer when connecting to the tap. Older garden taps can sometimes vary slightly in size and water may leak from some connections. Avoid the temptation to overtighten, use thread tape instead.
  • If you’re operating a drip irrigation system, use a pressure reducer with your tap timer to ensure the water pressure is at the right level.
  • For tap timer controlled watering systems, consider using a dual outlet tap timer or a two way tap to give you more versatility.
  • A RainSensor will suspend programmed watering during periods of rain, installing one will help save water and reduce the risk of waterlogging your plants.
  • Always use a filter with your fixed watering system, to prevent particles from blocking drippers, sprays and pop ups. Clean your filter regularly!

Wallington’s qualified irrigation supplies experts are on hand in store seven days a week.  Come past for a chat and we’ll talk you through the different options available.