Choose the right garden hose

October 20 2015

A good garden hose is an imperative piece of household equipment. Whether you have a large garden, small patio or veranda area, Wallington’s Irrigation Supplies will have a quality garden hose to suit your needs. Not only do you need a hose to water the lawn and garden plants, they’re an essential item for hosing down outdoor furniture, children’s toys, sports and beach gear as well as the family car.

Deciding the right garden hose for your purpose depends on the size of your yard or outdoor space, where you need it to reach and what you want to use it for. Will you be mainly hand watering or using a garden sprinkler? Do you need it to hose down the patio or paving? Top up the pool?

Wallington’s stock 15m and 30m garden hoses as well as selling garden hose off the roll, cut to any length you require. Of course you can cut or connect a standard hose as well.

The diameter of the hose (how thick it is) will determine the volume of water that flows per minute, as well as the loss of pressure over distance. You will lose less water pressure and deliver more water with a thicker hose. For a domestic garden where you are watering over small distances this is not really important.

All our hoses are PVC and UV treated to withstand the coastal climate of the Bellarine. Tough construction means you can leave the hose outside, where it belongs, winter and summer, through frost and heatwave. While all our garden hoses are tough, some are tougher than others. What you’re looking for in terms of judging quality is the kink resistance and the length of warranty. It goes without saying that the longer a company is prepared to back its product under guarantee, the better the quality and durability.

Kink resistance provides a measure of flexibility. The more flexibly your hose, the more convenient but also the more durable as the hose is less likely to develop creases and permanent kinks which can lead to leaks and breakages.

Many of our hoses are sold “Tap Ready,” which means they are already fitted with tap adapters and hose connectors allowing you to readily attach your hose to your garden sprinkler, hose trigger etc. For garden hose sold off the roll, we have all the connectors and adapters available as well as garden sprinklers, hose pistols / triggers and various nozzle options.

We also stock soaker hoses that have pinpoint holes along their length to provide light sprinkling over long distances. An alternative to this is the weeper hose, a porous garden hose that allows water to seep out along the length. Ideal for slow watering garden and flower beds.  Soaker hoses and weeper hoses can be lain across the ground or laid just below the surface, sometimes under a layer of mulch.

Last to consider, but by no means unimportant is hose storage. Wallington’s Irrigation Supplies stocks a variety of hose storage options including hand wound or automatic hose winder and wall mounted devices.

We also stock a full range of rural irrigation supplies, rainwater tanks and everything you need to install a garden sprinkler system or drip feed irrigation.

Need personal advice? We’re open seven days. Come in and speak to our experienced and friendly staff about the best garden hose and accessories for your garden.