Puppy Preschool Comes to Wallington’s

October 31 2015


This November our Pet Supplies team are focused on “Behaviour” which is an ideal time to introduce Cherished Pets Puppy Preschool hosted at Wallington’s.  Cherished Pets’ Puppy Preschool is a four week socialization and puppy training program that is recommended for all puppies to give them the best start in life.

A new puppy is a joyful addition to any household, but just like children it is important we give them the best foundation for health and happiness.  Cherished Pets’ qualified instructor will take you and your puppy on a four week journey of education, socialization, training and fun!

Puppy Preschool is aimed specifically at puppies aged 8 to 13 weeks, which is an instinctive age for young dogs to explore the wider world away from mum and the pack.  Young pups are naturally open to new experiences and environments with a robust constitution to overcome situations that may be a bit new or intimidating at first. So it is an ideal time for your puppy to meet other dogs, in a safe and regulated environment.

It is also a critical time to start introducing rules and boundaries around behavior. For some dogs, missing this natural opportunity to affect behaviour and develop solid social abilities can lead to problems such as unnecessary aggression and fear later in a dog’s life. Of course for dogs, as well as people, learning is a lifelong pursuit and it’s important we work with our dogs continuously to encourage good behavior, obedience and respect.

As well as covering basic commands such as:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Watch
  • Stay & Walk comfortably on a lead

Cherished Pets Puppy Preschool will focus on socialisation and play, in a safe structured environment.

Puppies need to be minimum of 8 weeks and no older than 13 weeks when the course begins. All puppies must be up to date with current vaccination status and fully wormed.

Cherished Pets Puppy Preschool starts at Wallington’s WRG in November 2015, with rolling enrollments for a 4 week course.  Classes are held on Saturdays from midday to 1pm, but alternate times are available on request, including midweek after school times.

Course Cost: $80

Dowload a flier.

For more information and to register please call 0439094379 or email Alicia@cherishedpetsvet.com.au

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