Garden watering systems

November 18 2015

Install a Garden Watering System today.

Garden watering systems keep your garden flourishing all year round, while you relax and enjoy the benefits.  Wallington’s Irrigation Department have a terrific range of pipe and fittings to create great DIY watering systems for gardens. Different garden irrigation systems serve different purposes and are more suitable for different types of plants and gardens.

Drip feed irrigation is your best option for watering individual plants in permanent locations, such as an ornamental flower garden, shrubbery or fruit trees. A well designed drip feed irrigation system should provide even watering at ground level where to your plants need moisture the most.

Garden sprinkler systems are ideal for vegetable garden irrigation where you need good watering but the exact location of your plants may change seasonally.  Alternative vegetable garden watering systems include: weeper hose and soaker hoses.

Sprinkler systems are also great for lawn watering. You need to ensure your lawn sprinkler system offers even coverage. For a small lawn area, you can consider installing fixed irrigation sprinklers around the perimeter of your lawn. This design has the advantage of watering any surrounding garden beds. For a larger lawn area you should install a pop up watering system.

For any garden watering system you should install a tap timer to make sure your garden gets the right amount of regular watering.  You can work your garden irrigation system manually, just remember to turn it off before you water log your plants and blow out your water bills!

For advice on the right garden irrigation system for you, visit our Irrigation Supplies team. We have experienced staff on hand seven days a week to advise you on the right pipes and fittings for your garden watering needs. We can also help you design your system. Come in store today to see our great range and talk to our friendly team.