Yearly Archive: 2015


How to hang wallpaper

February 26 2015

Want to Wallpaper, but too scared to ask?  Garry in our paint supplies department once worked as a painter and decorator for more decades than he’d care to mention.  As you can imagine, he knows pretty much everything there is to know about interior and exterior painting, including timber care. Garry also knows quite a bit…

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Lawn Seed

Autumn is time to sew lawn seed

February 24 2015

If you need lawn seed to patch up an existing space or are sewing a new lawn, Autumn is your time to do it. If you’re looking to patch a lawn, there are a number of combination products that have lawn seed, fertilizer and wetting agents all bundled in together to make growing grass from…

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Dog food bowl

Pet food bowl matters

February 10 2015

Have you considered how important your pet food bowl is? Obviously it’s important your pet gets fed! But like many pet owners you may not have thought much past size and colour, but what the pet food bowl is made from can be quite significant. Plastic pet food bowls are cheap and colourful.  They seem…

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Dogs & fake grass

Dogs and Artificial Grass

February 5 2015

Dogs (and cats) love artificial grass because it’s soft all year round. Unlike the real thing, an artificial lawn doesn’t get dried out by the sun causing hard earth and mini dust bowls that then turn to mud patches in the rain.  And while dogs might love mud, us owners sure don’t! So if you’ve…

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Garden Pots

Who needs a plant pot?

February 5 2015

Garden pots make perfect sense in an urban environment, with small yards or balconies, but if you have a decent sized suburban block or even acreage what’s the point of plant pots? In the first instance, a stunning ceramic pot makes relatively inexpensive architectural feature.  Like a piece of well-chosen décor in your home, a…

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Haymes paint Geelong

20% OFF Haymes paint Geelong

January 22 2015

Looking for Haymes paint Geelong? Just 15 minutes from the centre of town, Wallington’s WRG now has 20% off  the entire Haymes Ultra Premium paint range. For a great interior paint, Haymes Interior Expressions should be top of your wish list. Its superb coverage means you require less effort and paint to achieve that beautiful…

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Its Time To Mulch!

January 7 2015

A beautiful garden is the perfect spot to enhance the quality of your home and life. Natural green surroundings have a positive effect on the mind and help in bringing in a sense of calm and relaxation. Having a garden of your own is having an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life….

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