Keeping Your Deck Healthy For Summer

January 29 2016

Decks add to the aesthetic appeal of homes. Everyone loves relaxing on the deck and soaking in some sun. Before you get ready to bask in the sun, it is time to oil your deck before the onset of the warm season.

A regular deck maintenance routine will ensure that the decking materials are protected against deterioration. The decking oil protects the decking material, especially the wood from exposure to the UV rays of the sun and the premature weathering caused thereafter. Apart from enhancing the looks of the deck, decking oil restores the lost natural oils, which reduces the risk of decay significantly.

There are various decking products available on the market. Deck oil and paint are the ones most popularly used for deck maintenance. Though both are generally used for deck maintenance, decking oil is more beneficial for the aesthetic and the longevity of the deck. Decking oil penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood, preventing the attack of the moisture from within. Instead of just lying on the surface, oil penetrates the surface and reaches between the joints and connections.
If you have recently installed your deck and it is made of fresh timber, then it is ideal to wait for 2-3 months before oiling your deck. Depending on the exposure of the deck to the elements and the materials used for sealing, oiling your deck every 6-12 months should be sufficient. An additional coat or two for overexposed decks is advised. For an undercover deck, resealing can be done every 2-3 years.

Experts recommend the use of a water based decking oil with advanced UV protection as they dry quickly and are resistant to mold and fungus.
Although oiling your deck can be a DIY project, you’ll need to be informed of which products to use for your deck. Wallington’s WRG are a name synonymous with quality products in and around Geelong.
Come in and get some quality advice from our paint team here at Wallingtons WRG. Deck maintenance, keeping a deck healthy and oiled are so important and are an asset to impress over the summer period.

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