Keeping Your Pool Clean & Maintained

January 14 2016

Swimming is one of the most fun filled and healthy exercises, but only if done in clean waters. Pools are investments that need proper care and regular maintenance, if you want to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Pool cleaning and pool maintenance are not simple tasks, they require a great deal of professionalism and expertise. An efficient service will ensure that your pool stays sparkling and well sanitized. No other pool cleaning service in Geelong is better than Wallington’s WRG.

Pool care by Wallington’s WRG, Geelong is by always very precise, with ample attention paid even to the miniscule details. Regular pool cleaning enhances the appearance of the pool, appreciates the investment value and imparts it with increased sanitation levels.

A well maintained pool is an asset, which can become a liability if not taken care of. An ill maintained pool is a direct invitation to infections and illnesses. Regular pool maintenance and pool cleaning helps avert heavy expenditure which can be incurred for repairs due to negligence.  Low maintenance takes its toll on the expensive pool equipment too. Incorrect balance of chemicals can damage the sensitive equipment and affect the tiles and fibreglass as well.

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With our pool cleaning service, you can just sit back and enjoy your swims even more. Our experts test the pool water, clean the filters, empty and clean the skimmer box and the pump baskets. We are so careful with our job that you will find our professionals scrubbing, brushing and cleaning the tiles around the pool, not ignoring the floor, steps and the walls of the pool.  Our team ensures that the pool is clean from top to bottom. We skim the pool surface for debris and leaves and vacuum the bottom for sediment and debris.  Apart from cleaning, we also inspect the pool equipment and check the timers to ensure that they are working perfectly. Moreover, we check the pressure of the filters and backwash them if needed. Our job doesn’t end with cleaning! Our team prepares a detailed report of the pools condition, complete with suggestions.  This way you remain in the loop of our service schedules.

Wallington’s WRG is well known in the whole of Geelong and the surrounding areas for our highly professional and quality service. Our pool cleaning services are the most affordable and reliable. Once you hire us you wouldn’t look for an alternate service in the future.

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Wallington’s WRG provide pool cleaning services, every week, fortnight, month or however often you may require our services. We do not compromise on the quality or expertise of the services provided to make our services affordable and reliable.