Paint Contractor or not?

January 7 2016

5 good reasons to hire a paint contractor … 5 good reasons not to!

Whether you’re considering an interior paint job or an exterior paint job, you may be considering hiring someone else to do it. And there’s plenty of reasons why bringing in a paint contractor would be a good idea, and a few reasons why you might want to do it yourself.

The time has come to redo a tired paint job, inside or out, or maybe you’ve got a brand new space that need painting. Here’s Wallington’s Paint Supplies 5 good reasons to hire a paint contractor … 5 good reasons not to!

The Good

  1. Saves you time. Obviously if someone else is doing the work, you’ve got time to do something else. Chances are a professional can actually get the job done quicker than you anyway. This is what they do day in, day out so it stands to reason they’ll be quicker.
  2. Saves you pain! Painting is quite physical work, if you’re not used to it you can strain your back, neck and arm muscles, not to mention injuries. Even if you’re fit and used to exercise, you’ll probably end up with a few extra aches and pains for your effort.
  3. The job will look great. If your painter is a qualified professional who is painting pretty much every day, using trade quality tools, you should expect them to do a great job.
  4. Professional advice. As well as being able to advise you on the best paint products (and possibly secure you a trade discount), many professional painters know a thing or two about design. Many can help you choose colour schemes that will enhance the look and feel of your home.
  5. No Mess! Well there will be some mess, but you don’t need to clean it up. A good paint contractor will supply their own drop sheets, they’ll sweep up when they’ve finished, wash and clean all their own equipment and take away all the empty paint tins that can be annoying to dispose of yourself (you can’t put them in with the normal rubbish!)

The Bad

  1. You’ll have to pay. It almost goes without saying that by using a painting contractor you’ll be more out of pocket than if you did the job yourself.
  2. Poor workmanship. Unfortunately there are charlatans out there in the painting world and sometimes a dodgy contractor can do a worse job than you’d do yourself.  Always ask for references from clients (not builders your painter sub-contracts to). Talk to their former clients about the quality of their work as well as their communication skills and value for money. If possible, ask to see their physical work, not just photographs.
  3. Cost blow out. It’s important to either secure a fixed price contract or understand how variations to your project can affect the cost. For an exterior paint job, weather can impact your painting schedule but it shouldn’t affect your costs.  An interior paint job might be held up by delays by other contractors working on a renovation or build or unexpected damage to your walls or ceiling such mould and rot that needs to be fixed before painting can go ahead.  Some unexpected expenses can’t be helped, especially in older houses but it helps if your contractor is a good communicator and you can establish a good working relationship to help you get through issues without too much extra cost.
  4. Mess! Some so-called professional paint contractors can turn out to be a bit unprofessional when it comes to mess. They may leave your rooms covered in dust (from sanding prep.), dirty painting tools and empty tins. A good reference check before you begin should eliminate this problem.
  5. Bad advice. While some painters develop a great eye for colour and light over their careers, some just have strong opinions! Or they may have very different tastes to you. When seeking someone else’s advice on colour and decorating schemes don’t dismiss your own taste, after all you’re the one that needs to live in the space. When someone is giving you design advice, take a look at their previous work to get a sense of their style and whether it compliments your own. If you’re not sure, ask a trusted friend to help you decide, someone who does know your taste and whose style you respect.

Wallington’s Paint Supplies team are experienced painters and decorators, they can give you great advice about thing to think about when choosing a contractor, or provide helpful DIY tips.  We know most of the local painters on the Bellarine – Wallington’s Paint Place is where they shop!