Work Boots Essentials

May 7 2016

Work Boots are a fundamental requirement for all sorts of trades. Whether you need steel cap, soft toe or other safety work boots.

When choosing the right work boot you need to consider safety. Does your trade demand safety boots or can you wear soft toe work boots? Do you prefer safety boots even if you are not obliged to wear them?

Choosing between Steel Cap and Composite Toe Work Boots

As well as the traditional steel toe boots, safety boots are also available with a composite toe. Composite toe safety boots pass AS/NZS 2210.3 Standard. They are suitable for many trade environments but most industrial worksites will require a steel cap work boot. A steel cap boot will protect you against injury from objects falling at a drop force of up to 200 joules. They are also cut and puncture resistant to saws, nail guns and other power tools.

Where you don’t need this level of safety, a composite toe safety boot offers a lighter alternative. Composite toe boots have the added advantage of passing easily through airport metal detectors and can be X-rayed. No metal also means they don’t transmit electricity and will protect you against spark ignition.

Choosing a Soft Toe Work Boot

A soft toe work boot is even lighter again. Some work places require you to wear close toed shoes but do not need to be to a safety protection standard. Soft toe work boots are light weight and flexible.

General quality features of Work Boots

As the name implies, work boots are made for working. They need to be strong and durable. Key factors to look for are:

  • Waterproof uppers – not necessarily leather, there are some excellent synthetic materials on the market including neoprene which is used for much of the Otway Range.
  • Good non slip tread
  • Chemical and oil resistant soles (if you work in a Hazchem environment)
  • Comfortable fit – work boots come in different ankle heights that are more comfortable for some people than others. Whether a boot is elastic sided, zip or lace up can affect your comfort too.

Wallington’s stocks an excellent range of top brand work boots, both safety and soft toe. Come in to store to check out the range and try on a pair.