Reclaimed solid teak wall cladding

June 21 2016

A fantastic alternative to stone wall cladding, this reclaimed timber paneling is exclusively available at Wallington’s WRG. Lighter and easier for the DIY renovation enthusiast, wooden wall cladding makes an excellent feature texture for undercover, outdoor entertaining spaces. It can be used indoors as well.

Constructed with unprocessed timber reclaimed from traditional Indonesian Java houses and fishing boats. Each panel is carefully crafted by hand with respect for the heritage and history contained in every piece of recycled teak.

Wallington’s imports this unique product direct from an independently and locally owned Indonesian manufacturer. Having grown up surrounded by traditional wooden structures, the owners of Teak Story are committed to giving new life to their heritage. Rather than see traditional boats and houses left to disintegrate in the wake of modernism they have taken this beautiful hardwood and up-cycled it into contemporary wood paneling. Each panel is produced by hand with patience and love, combining precious traditional materials with highly skilled craftsmen to produce stunning success.

Teak Story up-cycle timber from three main sources:Reclaimed Indonesian Teak

  • Traditional Java houses
  • Salvaged boats with beautiful splashes of antique colour
  • Traditional public sites, like bridges


The owners say: “We really appreciate and love every step by step of process of our recycled teak product from the way we gain raw material until it becomes a final product of wood wall cladding. Based on the way we obtain of our material, we can say every piece of our product is unique and has history. They have a story to tell.” Proud to be made in Indonesia

Wallington’s stocks three types of Reclaimed solid teak wall cladding:


  • Solid recycled teak panel
  • Thickness 15mm – 24mm
  • 1 box 8pcs = 1.008m2
  • Interlocking design


DIENGWood Wall Cladding - DIENG

  • Backing with plywood
  • Thickness 17mm – 23mm
  • 1 box 8pcs = 1.008m2
  • Interlocking design


MERAPIWood Wall Cladding - MERAPI

Solid recycled teak panel

Thickness 20mm – 23mm

1 box 8pcs = 1.008m2

Interlocking design


This naturally weathered hard wood wall cladding is suitable for both indoor and undercover outdoor use. Come and view this beautiful new product available exclusively at Wallington’s WRG.