Mobile Pool Service

July 12 2016

Mobile Pool ServiceDo you have time to regularly test your water, skim and clean? Do you really need to know all the ins and outs of pool maintenance? Don’t you have your own job to go to … and a life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our new Mobile Pool Service is just what you’re looking for. Our professional pool cleaner comes to you to test your water, add the appropriate chemicals and carry out all the cleaning and maintenance required to keep your pool safe and sparkling.

Mobile Pool Cleaning

Safe and sparkling is the only real way to enjoy your home swimming pool. The dirt and debris that builds up in your pool looks ugly. It can have even more dire effects on the health of your family and friends who swim in the pool. Bacteria and algae build up quickly in an unclean pool. These micro-organisms can cause serious infections, even in healthy adults. An incorrect pH balance can also cause irritation to swimmers’ eyes and skin.

Good pool maintenance is also essential to limit damage to pool equipment. Every day dirt and debris mounts up choking drainage pipes and causing circulation pumps to fail.  Calcium build up can damage surfaces and impede your pool filter’s ability to trap dirt, while low calcium levels can speed up deterioration of pool surfaces.

Our mobile pool service can take care of all your pool care needs, including:Mobile pool cleaning

  • Pool side water test
  • Chemical balance & adjustment
  • Pump & skimmer basket check & clean
  • Filter backwash & clean
  • Pool Brush & Vacuum

We offer regular services from weekly to monthly as well as one off check and clean. Ideal for rental and holiday homes or anyone looking to enjoy their pool more!

Contact us today to book your first service.