Winter warmth for your soil

April 26 2017

Organic sugar cane mulch made from a renewable resource is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly mulch available. A 14kg jumbo bag will give you 9mof mulch coverage!

Sugar cane mulch is a great way to insulate your soil against Geelong’s cold winter air while supressing weeds and retaining moisture. Unlike straw mulch, Sugar cane residue is naturally weed free.

Layer about 3cm of sugar cane mulch onto moist soil. Sugar Cane mulch comes densely packed. As you lay it, you need to make sure you fluff and tease it to open to ensure it is loose enough to allow rain to penetrate through to the soil below.

Sugar cane is a great mulch for vegetables, fruit trees and flowering plants as it breaks down providing the soil with additional nutrients. Because it does break down, you’ll need to replace this organic mulch seasonally or as necessary.  It is also important to leave a gap around any trunks or stalks to prevent fungal issues such as collar rot.

Even during the wet winter months you should check under your sugar cane mulch to ensure the soil is damp and that rain is successfully filtering through.

Sugar cane mulch has a finely chopped straw like appearance that comprises the tops and leaves of the sugar cane plant. It is naturally dried in the Queensland sun after the green harvesting of sugar cane, then stored and cured before being milled and bagged.

Wallington’s WRG stocks jumbo bags of organic sugar cane mulch:Sugar Cane Mulch

  • 100% Dust extracted for ease of use and safe application
  • Huge 9m2JUMBO coverage!
  • Superior water retention and erosion control
  • Enriches the soil by adding much needed organic matter
  • Very uniform & clean, no seeds or weeds
  • Simple to apply, just open bag and spread

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