The Basics of Electric Fencing – Fencing Supplies, Wallington.

June 15 2018

It is no secret that the process of shearing makes livestock nervous and annoyed, hence it’s essential for the farmers to be in charge at all times. When we think of electric fencing, our mind creates a picture of some kind of arrangement of wires designed to protect animals. But where do you start?

If you are a new farmer or an established one you need to have effective fencing tools. There are many different types of fencing to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

Common Types of Farm Fence

There are two clear alternatives when it comes to fencing – electrical and non-electrical, but even then there are several other options.

Why do you need an Electric Fence at your farm?

  • Securing pets or animals – By using high quality fencing you can provide security for your animals. Barbed wire fencing is not appropriate as it is very risky and potentially dangerous. High-tensile wire fence offers a good solution. These wire work effectively even if the animals come in contact with them.
  • For managing animals – Electric fencing works well for managing the animals. Electric fence systems make sense when your goal is to keep animals secure.

Electric fencing serves a dual purpose-First, they help keeping pets under control and secondly, they discourage intruders from getting into the secure area.

Whenever electric fencing is installed, there are multiple choices in terms of electric fencing tools. These electric fencing tools include- Polytape, Polywire or Polyrope. These electric fencing tools come in form of rolls, which may range from 10 to 500 meters and can be installed quickly and accurately.

Electric fencing

Electric fencing

What should you consider while buying Electric fencing tools?

  1. A solar fencing energiser – If you don’t want your fence run on a mains power source, solar energizers can be a good option. A solar energizer fence can keep your fence charged for up to 3 weeks, even without sunlight. That means you never have to maneuver your fence to get it charged up again and your animals will never be without sufficient security.
  2. A voltage tester – A voltage tester allows you to check the output of your electric fence easily and quickly to maintain its efficiency. This is a very important electric fencing tool and every farm owner using an electric fence solution must have one.
  3. Multi-purpose fencing pliers – Multi-purpose fencing pliers are tools which come with a hammerhead and soft grip holder. Multi-purpose fencing pliers are capable of cutting wires of any virtually any thickness, they’re an indispensable tool for maintaining fencing and rectifying any issue regarding an electric fence.
  4. Wire ratchet strainers – This is a perfect electric fencing tool for keeping the fence tight, maintaining the right tension in the wires to keep it in an optimum condition and discourage animals from scraping against it.

A successful farm depends on quality of the fencing materials, proper installation and maintenance. Electric Fencing provides everything you need to ensure efficiency and security and with the help of electric fencing tools and supplies you can make your life easier.