Cooking With Smoke – Premium Hark Industries Barbecue Equipment In Stock!

September 1 2018

Experience the ultimate ‘Barbecue Smoking’ with a range of Smoking Ovens, outdoor BBQ cooking units, wood chips, flavourings and accessories from Hark Industries.

Barbecue or BBQ is a highly popular method of cooking and an apparatus used for grilling purposes. What makes a smoker different from a barbecue is the type of heat used and also the cooking durations. There is no doubt that barbecuing is the most fun way of cooking but at the same time, it is a method of cooking that needs possibly the most concentration and fine preparation to do a decent job.

What is unique about barbecue cooking?

Barbecue cooking over a fire requires lots of skill, techniques, correct method, and the right material to make sure that the food is well cooked, delicious and fits the expectations of the guests.

HARK is a well-known name that covers all things Grill, Roast & Smoke and a range of outdoor BBQ cooking units and accessories.

Range of smoking ovens from Hark

Among the various products and Smoking Ovens offered by Hark, some of the best ones include

  1. Box Smokers

Box smokers, also known as vault smokers, block smokers, or cabinet smokers are quite popular for smoking food. Box smokers come with a heat source in the bottom to conserve heat and a cooking chamber on the top.

  1. Vertical Water Smokers

This is the most widely used and least expensive smoking oven with three different compartments. A heat source (usually charcoal or an electric heating element.), water pan (to store and regulates the heat of the smoker), and a smoking chamber.

  1. Horizontal Offset Smokers

It is a specialized smoking oven with 2 parts; a long grated, metal barrel as the main cooking chamber and a firebox with an adjustable vent and a top or side access door.

Below are some important points regarding the methods of barbecuing and the materials used to ensure an amazing grilling & barbecue experience.

  • Choosing the right barbecue

To make and serve the best barbecue food, the basics need to be in place. Few of the important points to remember are

  • Charcoal burners give the best barbecue grilling experience and delicious food.
  • It adds to the extra smoky flavor of the food, unlike the gas barbecue burners.


  • Tools and materials make all the difference

One of the best ways of cooking the smoke food is the use of the best tools and materials such as a decent oven glove, grill, a good pair of tongs, cutting utensils etc. These tools will not only enhance the bbq experience but also ensure a better control to the cook by reducing the chances of dropping things between grills and also making the food flipping easier.

  • Selection of fuel is essential

Choosing the right fuel is an essential factor while barbecuing. For example, selection of charcoal makes a big difference in the taste of the smoked food. Lump wood charcoal is highly recommended as it gives a unique, unadulterated, and natural flavor to the food.

Barbecue Smoking requires a lot of patience and concentration. To make sure that the barbecuing is done in the best possible way, it is essential to use the best technique and tools.