Women In Business Award 2020 – Winner Committee for Geelong

May 6 2020

Congratulation’s to WRG’s very own Susan Foenander for winning the Committee for Geelong Women In Business Award for 2020.  One of Susan Foenander’s ­secrets to success as a woman in business is simply getting her hands dirty.

The Business Administration and Human Resources Manager is the first woman to join the leadership team at Wallington’s WRG, was nominated for the Committee for Geelong Woman in Business award, and took out the Committee for Women in Business Award for 2020. Wallington’s are proud to support what this award stands for.

Mrs Foenander and her family made the sea-change from Melbourne to St Leonard’s about 3½ years ago, with the experienced banking and HR manager soon picking up a job at the ­locally owned Wallington supplies business.

Susan Foenander said she was “blown away” by her nominations for the awards.

“It’s always lovely to know that your work is valued, and certainly I’ve come into a very male-strong environment, industry and business, that’s been run my males for a very long time,” she said.

“To think that my work might be valued, as a woman, that’s wonderful news.”

“I think one of my biggest achievements has been around culture and managing people’s expectations, and also around implementing change management around a number of areas within the business”  “I like to think I get down and dirty, like this afternoon I was serving customers and this morning I went out into the drive-through and was spotting for a forklift, then I’m back in my office recruiting.”

Mrs Foenander had continually introduced change at Wallington’s WRG, which had resulted in a changed culture towards women in the industry.  We are extremely proud to have Susan as part of our Wallington WRG Family.


Photos: Geelong Advertiser