Geelong landscape supplies delivery service

Wallington’s WRG provides delivery in Geelong and district seven days a week. We deliver our bulk landscape supplies, soil and sand, irrigation supplies and farming and rural merchandise, including stock feed. We will deliver any of our supplies for quantities of one cublic metre or more.

Free delivery of stock feed is offered on Tuesdays and Fridays on the Bellarine Peninsula with a minimum purchase of $75. Delivery is available on the other days, however regular fees do apply. Make sure you join our Pet Club to receive further discounts and deals on pet and stock feed.

Visit us in-store to select what you need and organise delivery, or contact us for a quote today.

  1. Wallington's WRG Delivery | Landscape Supplies Geelong
    Mitsubishi Tipper 642 Max 7,400kg 2.2 Wide Tare 2,580kg 4.8 Long Load 4,800kg 2.2 High
  2. Wallington's WRG Delivery | Landscaping Supplies Geelong
    Mitsubishi Tipper 933 Tare 2,960kg 2.5 Wide GVM 6,300kg 5.0 Long Load 3,300kg 2.6 High
  3. Wallington's WRG Delivery | Geelong Garden Supplies
    Isuzu Tipper 820 GVM 4,500kg 2.4 Wide MAX 7,500kg 4.9 Long Load 4,800kg 2.3 High
  4. Wallington's WRG Delivery | Bulk Landscaping Geelong
    Isuzu Flatbead / Tipper753 Tare 5,440kg 2.8 Wide GVM 10,400kg 9.0 Long Load 4,900kg 3.0 High
  5. Wallington's WRG Delivery | Geelong Fencing Supplies
    Isuzu Tipper 086 Tare 4,730kg 2.6 Wide GVM 10,400kg 6.4 Long Load 5,600kg 2.9 High
  6. Wallington's WRG Delivery | Geelong Fencing Supplies
    2 x Ford Ranger Utes Load 1,000kg
  7. Wallington's WRG Delivery | Farm Supplies Geelong
    Volvo Truck & Trailer Tare 9,700kg 3.0 Wide GCM 70,000kg 17.0 Long Load 30,000kg 3.5 High
  8. Wallington's WRG Delivery | Farm Supplies Geelong
    Volvo Truck Only Tare 9,700kg 3.0 Wide GVM 27,500kg 7.5 Long Load 13,000kg