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Winter warmth for your soil

April 26 2017

Organic sugar cane mulch made from a renewable resource is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly mulch available. A 14kg jumbo bag will give you 9m2 of mulch coverage! Sugar cane mulch is a great way to insulate your soil against Geelong’s cold winter air while supressing weeds and retaining moisture. Unlike straw mulch, Sugar cane…

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Reclaimed Timber wall cladding

Reclaimed solid teak wall cladding

June 21 2016

A fantastic alternative to stone wall cladding, this reclaimed timber paneling is exclusively available at Wallington’s WRG. Lighter and easier for the DIY renovation enthusiast, wooden wall cladding makes an excellent feature texture for undercover, outdoor entertaining spaces. It can be used indoors as well. Constructed with unprocessed timber reclaimed from traditional Indonesian Java houses…

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Bulk Sand

Sand for Concrete

May 7 2016

Sand is an integral component of concrete, but why? Sand contributes to the strength of concrete by filling between the aggregate and creating a solid structure. The purpose of concrete is to support substantial weight. It is the aggregate that carries this weight, the cement that binds it together and the sand that assures there…

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Tuscan Toppings

Tuscan Toppings – driveways & paths

March 19 2016

Tuscan Toppings, also known as Donnybrook Topping, is an excellent topping for driveways, paths or any high traffic area in your garden. The name Tuscan Topping refers to its attractive terracotta colour. It is made of crushed sandstone and if you look closely you’ll notice a complex combination of pale pink through to peachy orange…

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Landscaping pebbles

Aesthetic solution to garden floods

February 9 2016

Visit our Landscape Supplies team for pebbles and rocks of various sizes to create a dry creek bed, the perfect solution for areas of your garden that are subject to flooding. The recent torrential rain around Geelong may have brought to light some areas of your garden that are badly effected by flooding where puddles and…

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Care for Natural Stone Pavers

December 24 2015

Wallington’s Landscape Supplies has a beautiful selection of 400mm x 400mm Natural and Sandstone Pavers. Available in: Teakwood Sandstone Pink Sandstone Brown Sandstone Honed Basalt Natural Stone Pavers are great for patios, BBQ areas, paths and driveways as well as pool surrounds. These pavers are tough and long-lasting, but they are not self-cleaning!  A regular,…

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Landscape Supplies charity

Help our Community Garden grow!

October 31 2015

Wallington’s Landscape Supplies team have recently begun work with the SpringDale Community Garden to help raise funds for landscaping supplies needed to complete the garden and get it growing! Our inaugural project is to encourage donations from our customers to raise money to purchase sleepers for raised garden beds and edging for pathways. For every…

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Garden Pots & Landscaping Pebbles

A picture perfect garden

October 31 2015

Whether you’re looking for pots and water features, pavers or ornamental pebbles, Wallington’s Landscape Supplies is bound to have something to delight your aesthetics and your budget! Being an independent, family run business gives our Landscape Supplies team the freedom to follow up on customer enquiries and locally spotted trends.  With so many friends and…

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Garden Pots & Landscaping Pebbles

Destination Pots!

October 15 2015

Wallington’s Landscape Supplies have everything you need to create a picture perfect garden.  From Garden Pots and Ornaments, Water Features, Sand, Soil, Pebbles and Pavers. We regularly update our stock, scouring Australia and the world to bring you great quality products at excellent prices.  Only this week we took delivery of several containers fresh off the boat…

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Garden Mulch

Discounted Garden Mulch

September 9 2015

Our Landscape Supplies team are celebrating spring with great savings on bulk mulch purchases. Available for pick up, or delivery. Whether you’re looking for a lawn alternative or a quality organic mulch for your garden, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Wallington’s.  Come in this September for great savings on Budget Mulch and Cypress…

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