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Stones & garden pebbles

Garden Pebbles and Stones

September 3 2015

Decorative garden pebbles and stones are a simple yet effective way to add design aesthetic to your garden. Wallington’s Landscape Supplies has a great selection of stones and pebbles that range in size from 7mm to oversized architectural rocks, in a vast array of colours and neutral tones. Smaller pebbles of 7mm to 14mm make…

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Railway sleepers

Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

August 26 2015

Reclaimed railway sleepers are great for numerous landscaping and garden projects.  Use them for building retaining walls, garden edging, steps or rustic outdoor furniture. This robust wood offers a timeless rustic look, perfect for contemporary and traditional gardens. To celebrate the beginning of Autumn and a return to our much loved, but possibly neglected gardens,…

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Bulk Soil

A bit about topsoil

August 25 2015

Purchasing topsoil, or loam, is the easiest way to great garden soil. In the gardening world, topsoil is interchangeable with the term Loam.  Our Landscape Supplies team at Wallington’s WRG use the term Loam sell a variety of soils in bulk, available for pickup and delivery. For best results when introducing a topsoil, its good…

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Salt Creek Pebbles

Purple rock for driveways

June 3 2015

Our Landscape Supplies team have just added a beautiful purple stone to their already fantastic range of sand, soils, rocks and pebbles. The subtle purple to sunset hues make Salt Creek 20mm a great coloured rock for driveways, paths and garden beds.   It is believed that this unique colour began to occur between 20million…

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Unique hand made fencing

June 3 2015

Wallington’s Landscape Supplies have just added a unique fencing product to their ever expanding range.  Euci fence is hand crafted from hard wood and galvanised wire. When new it presents as a light coloured wood that will weather to grey for a great beach look reminiscent of naturally occurring drift wood.   Designed as a defence…

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Bulk Soil

What makes ‘good’ garden soil?

April 29 2015

A good garden soil is fertile and well drained. It is made up of clay, sand and organic matter (compost). Beyond these generalities, what makes a “good” garden soil depends on the plants that will make it their home.  Different plants need different levels of acidity or alkalinity and different coarseness or drainage. To ensure…

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Bulk Soil

Organically composted bulk soil

March 26 2015

Autumn is the right time to think about replenishing your garden soil; whether you’re seeding a lawn or turning over the vegie patch. Our Premium Garden Loam, available from Landscape Supplies, is just the thing you need.  It consists of sandy loam, organic mulch, aged saw dust and added nitrogen.  Expertly pre-mixed, this is a…

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Snow white pebbles

Bagged Snow White Pebbles

March 18 2015

Wallington’s landscape supplies sells snow white pebbles in bags which gives our customers greater freedom to create. The snow white pebbles available from Wallington’s landscaping supplies are flecked with quartz crystal, enhancing their pure whiteness and giving them a natural sparkle.  The pebbles range in size from between 20mm and 40mm. Contrasted with black polished…

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Lawn Seed

Autumn is time to sew lawn seed

February 24 2015

If you need lawn seed to patch up an existing space or are sewing a new lawn, Autumn is your time to do it. If you’re looking to patch a lawn, there are a number of combination products that have lawn seed, fertilizer and wetting agents all bundled in together to make growing grass from…

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Dogs & fake grass

Dogs and Artificial Grass

February 5 2015

Dogs (and cats) love artificial grass because it’s soft all year round. Unlike the real thing, an artificial lawn doesn’t get dried out by the sun causing hard earth and mini dust bowls that then turn to mud patches in the rain.  And while dogs might love mud, us owners sure don’t! So if you’ve…

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