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Keeping Your Deck Healthy For Summer

January 29 2016

Decks add to the aesthetic appeal of homes. Everyone loves relaxing on the deck and soaking in some sun. Before you get ready to bask in the sun, it is time to oil your deck before the onset of the warm season. A regular deck maintenance routine will ensure that the decking materials are protected…

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Interior Paint

Paint Contractor or not?

January 7 2016

5 good reasons to hire a paint contractor … 5 good reasons not to! Whether you’re considering an interior paint job or an exterior paint job, you may be considering hiring someone else to do it. And there’s plenty of reasons why bringing in a paint contractor would be a good idea, and a few…

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Pool Pavers

Pool care from Paint Supplies!

July 23 2015

Did you know all round quality pool care includes visiting paint supplies? There’s no doubt the paving stones around your pool get their fair share of foot traffic, not to mention potential damage from water and pool chemicals.  They’re also a surface you want to keep nice and clean, so you can lie out and soak…

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Interior paint

Interior paint tips for winter

July 21 2015

It’s fine to be tackling an interior paint project over winter.  Let’s face it, most of us have better things to do in the summer than be stuck inside painting walls. And winter is certainly not time to be thinking exterior paint! As well as our Paint Supplies teams’ 12 Interior Paint Tips, there are two key…

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Interior paint trends

Interior Paint Inspiration

April 7 2015

If you’re planning an interior paint project for your home, check out the Haymes 2015 Colour Expressions Forecast for inspiration. Every year the Haymes team develops key themes for the Haymes 2015 Colour Expressions Forecast based on research from international and national trends in design and interiors which are then interpreted into an Australian colour…

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colour matching

12 Interior Paint Tips

March 26 2015

Wallington’s Paint Supplies has everything you need for a great interior paint job, including professional advice (and moral support!) Before you start your next interior paint project, here’s the painter’s dozen to get the job done right. Sugar soap your walls. You can either do this with a good clean sponge and sugar soap, or…

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How to hang wallpaper

February 26 2015

Want to Wallpaper, but too scared to ask?  Garry in our paint supplies department once worked as a painter and decorator for more decades than he’d care to mention.  As you can imagine, he knows pretty much everything there is to know about interior and exterior painting, including timber care. Garry also knows quite a bit…

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Haymes paint Geelong

20% OFF Haymes paint Geelong

January 22 2015

Looking for Haymes paint Geelong? Just 15 minutes from the centre of town, Wallington’s WRG now has 20% off  the entire Haymes Ultra Premium paint range. For a great interior paint, Haymes Interior Expressions should be top of your wish list. Its superb coverage means you require less effort and paint to achieve that beautiful…

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colour matching

How paint colour matching works

December 18 2014

Colour matching paint is a science, not an art.  Do you remember from high school science that colour is made of light waves?  This is true of all colours we see whether its house paint or flowers.  A painted surface will reflect waves of light at different wavelengths and this makes us see particular colour. …

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Paint colours

Choosing paint colours

December 9 2014

Looking for interior design ideas this summer?  Perhaps the easiest way to revamp your home interiors is with a fresh coat of paint.  A simple colour matching of your existing home decoration is a low risk and inexpensive option.  This doesn’t necessarily mean painting your house the same colour, you can always colour match to…

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