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Tribute to Penny

July 22 2020

  At Wallington’s we are saddened that our founder, Ed Corless’ beloved companion Penny passed away recently. Penny was a regular here at WRG following Ed everywhere he went. You may have also seen her on many advertising materials over the years posing as a gorgeous Border Collie. Ed had a great love of animals…

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Aquarium Maintenance & Fish Care – The Essentials

March 27 2017

Aquarium owners who have had problems in keeping fish alive for weeks and even some months are always shocked to know that the normal lifespan of the typical aquarium fish is measured not in months but in years. Although it may vary from species to species, an aquarium fish should be able to have a…

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Chicken Day At Wallingtons 2017

October 1 2016

Saturday 18th of March 9:00am – 1:00PM Come one, come all to another Wallington WRG’s Chook day out! We’ve got over 200 chooks attending! It’s a day full of excitement and plenty of oppurtunities to grab a good chook or just have a look at what some of the local breeders have to offer. A…

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Itchy skin conditions in dogs

Itchy skin condition in dogs

June 18 2016

An itchy skin condition is a common cause of discomfort for dogs during winter. The combination of cold temperatures and dry indoor heating can affect your dog’s ability to regulate a normal balance of skin oils and bacteria. This can result in itchy, dry and flaky skin. Unless there is an underlying medical condition, flaky…

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Choosing a dog bed

April 19 2016

The dog bed you choose for your best friend depends of a number of key factors … including size, health and personality. Obviously your own taste comes into it too, you want a dog bed that looks good in your home (at a good price!). Dogs sleep for a surprisingly long time. Many sleep for…

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Dog beds and accessories

New season cat & dog accessories

February 2 2016

Wallington’s Pet Supplies have cat & dog beds, bowls, collars & leads all matching in this season’s latest colours and styles. With the latest range of cat or dog accessories from FuzzYard in store now, it’s easy to keep your pet (and your home) looking stylish! We’ve got a great new range of fashionable, super…

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Pet Care in the Heat

December 12 2015

As we approach the hot summer months, Wallington’s Pet Supplies wants all our customers to remember the importance of caring for our animal friends in the heat. Pets need to be well hydrated and provided with opportunities to avoid the sun. Most summer safety tips for animals are pretty common sense, but here’s a basic…

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Puppy Preschool Comes to Wallington’s

October 31 2015

  This November our Pet Supplies team are focused on “Behaviour” which is an ideal time to introduce Cherished Pets Puppy Preschool hosted at Wallington’s.  Cherished Pets’ Puppy Preschool is a four week socialization and puppy training program that is recommended for all puppies to give them the best start in life. A new puppy…

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Small Animal Pet Food

Pet Food for Pocket Pets

September 2 2015

Wallington’s Pet Supplies have an excellent range of pet food for small animals and pocket pets, including a great range of snacks and treats. Remember, treats for small animals are a sometimes food just as they are for larger pets (and humans too!).  A happy, healthy pocket pet requires a well-balanced diet.  So whether you…

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Dog tick treatment

6 months’ free flea treatment!

September 1 2015

We’ve got four lots of 6 packs of Frontline Plus for Dogs to give away this September! That’s six months’ treatment FREE. When you buy a 6 pack of Frontline Plus, you can go in the draw to win a pack.  Each Wednesday for four weeks, starting 9th September, we’ll draw a winner. If you…

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