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Dog Dental Health

Dental Health Month

August 5 2015

Wallington’s Pet Supplies is promoting Dental Health Month in store this August with a display of oral care products and fliers from The Australian Veterinary Association that you can pick up to take home. Good dental care is essential for our pets, with about 80% of dogs and cats over 3 years suffering from dental…

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Pets Weight Management

Pet Food & Nutrition

July 9 2015

Choosing the right pet food for your dog or cat can go a long way toward helping your pet stay healthy. While you may experience a short term benefit for your wallet, taking a low cost approach to cat and dog food can end up costing you more in the long run. Lower cost cat…

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Dog food bowl

Osteoarthritis Focus

June 2 2015

As the chilly season sets in, so do the aches and pains for many of our pets. This month, Wallington’s Pet Supplies focuses on Osteoarthritis. Here are the top ten things you need to know about arthritis in dogs and cats and ways you can help them keep comfortable: Osteoarthritis is a progressive medical condition that refers…

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Dog food grain

Grain free dog food

April 23 2015

Grain free dog food is becoming more common.  You may well be asking yourself what is the nutritional science behind this trend in pet food and is there anything wrong with traditional dog food with added grains? Like most questions in life, there are a number of issues around the value of grains in dog…

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pet supplies aquarium

Pet Supplies now has fish!

March 17 2015

10 tips for setting up a fresh water fish tank Wallington’s Pet Supplies now stocks a good range of different sized aquariums, from nano tanks through to large fish tanks and cabinets (available on special order). If you’re just getting into fish, an all in one aquarium is a great place to start.  These nifty tanks…

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Dog food bowl

Pet food bowl matters

February 10 2015

Have you considered how important your pet food bowl is? Obviously it’s important your pet gets fed! But like many pet owners you may not have thought much past size and colour, but what the pet food bowl is made from can be quite significant. Plastic pet food bowls are cheap and colourful.  They seem…

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Dog Food with added Veges

October 14 2014

Ever wondered why some dog food contains vegetables? To get a fully nutritional diet the prevalent understanding for healthy dog food is a ratio of meat (50%), raw bones (25%) and veggies (25%).  Unlike people, you don’t need to stick to this ratio on a daily basis but over a longer period, like a week.  It’s fine for…

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