Ingredients for home brewing, Geelong

Home brewing craft beer and cider is more than a hobby, it’s a passion.  That’s why we stock quality fresh ingredients, house-made recipe kits as well as excellent commercial cider and beer kits. We actively seek out new products and chase down special orders for our customers.  Join the discussions or make an inquiry via our Facebook page.

We have close to 40 varieties of hops, bulk and fresh grains, carbonation drops, malted barley blends, brewing sugars, yeast, spirit essences and much more. Our staff will help you choose the ingredients you need to achieve the result you are after. Located just fifteen minutes from Geelong’s CBD, Wallington’s WRG is where you will find home brew supplies at competitive prices.

We also stock a comprehensive range of home brew hardware and draught beer supplies to ensure your home brewing a true success.