Expression of Interest – Local Products

Bring back the corner store

Covid-19 has changed lots of things for businesses including ours. One of the many things we noticed is our unhealthy reliance on supermarkets. Gone are the days you used to get your groceries from the butcher, baker, fruit and veg shop and more. Mostly, we just get everything in one place. It’s clear as that the big companies have actually flourished during Covid-19 whilst little ‘Mum and Dad’ type operations with small stores or local producers who sell from their homes or at markets have had a lot of their sales opportunities taken away from them.

At Wallington’s we often talk about “shop local” and “support local” but we have realised recently that we aren’t doing this as much as we should either. We buy most of our products from big companies here in Australia or overseas. It came from a group discussion about what things we could do differently and suddenly an idea was born to get some local produce back into the store.


You’ve got the products, we’ve got the space

So we would like to extend an offer to any local produce supplier in the region that there can be a permanent spot for your products here to sell at Wallingtons WRG. We are proud to say that we have collaborated with Lomas Orchards, another great local Wallington business, to start selling their fresh fruit and veggie bags. So if your local market is closed or you can’t have customers come to your house or store to purchase your goods then we can be an option for you.

We realise there are lots of local markets and stores already doing this and to those who are we commend you. What we are trying to do is offer an extra avenue of sales and the best thing is once we have it here we do the selling for you!

So if you’re a local producer and you think this is something you’d like to hear more about then here’s how to proceed. Send us an email with what you think you’d like to sell and your price that you’d sell to us.


How does it work

A guideline for how we think this will work:

  • We both agree on what products will be sold here at WRG
  • This is a business arrangement. We place an order, you confirm the order and deliver. You invoice us.
  • Cash on delivery of goods isn’t an option unfortunately.
  • We we then will put your products in our newly allocated department.
  • We would be hoping for a small discount on your usual price so we can put a slight mark up on your products to cover staff costs.

As a business, purchasing locally-made products and Australian-made goods is a key part of our strategy. We have a proud history of being a community-minded store and now is the time to prove that. We are looking forward to collaborating with like-minded local businesses and creating a great new section for our wonderful customers.


Get in contact with us.

If you’d like more information please contact us:

We would love to hear from you!