Great pet food range and pet supplies

Wallington’s has the best Pet Supplies range on the Bellarine. We stock premium pet food and natural animal solutions for cats and dogs, horses, and small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs as well as poultry and birds. We have an excellent range of accessories for animals of all shapes and sizes including tanks, terreriums, aquariums and live fish! Our automated Dog Wash helps you keep your pooch sweet & clean!

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Wallington’s WRG Pet Supplies stock live fish, fish food, frozen fish food, aquariums and all the accessories to keep your fish tanks in excellent order. We carry a diverse range of ornaments and aquarium plants for both fresh water and marine aquariums. We’ve got something for every fish tank! We have fresh water fish, tropical and marine... Read more 


Our premium dog food range is unsurpassed on the Bellarine. We have dog food for all sizes and breeds, including fresh meat and vegetable mixes. If you need health products and supplements for dogs, worming and flea treatments or dog grooming supplies, come and check out our range. Wallington’s WRG offers a fantastic selection of dog beds, dog coats,... Read more 


Our range of premium cat food includes dry, tinned and fresh meat as well as muesli mixes. We also have a quality range of health products, supplements, cat flea treatments, and cat grooming products.  We stock a variety of cat litter and trays. Check out our fantastic selection of cat toys, cat beds and other... Read more 

Poultry & Birds

Wallington’s WRG stocks a high-quality range of chicken feed, layer pellets and bird seed. Our bird and poultry farm supplies includes perches and bird toys, chicken coops and poultry waterers. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the type of food you will need depending on the age and purpose of your birds... Read more 


Wallington’s are excited to announce that we are the first store on the Bellarine Peninsula to stock reptiles and a great range of products to suit their needs. At Wallington’s our knowledgeable and proud staff love all kinds of animals, including the ones that slither, shed, crawl and hop! We now sell a range of... Read more 

Small Animals

We’ve got small animals covered – literally! Rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice and rats often need a little extra protection from the elements so we stock great cages, coops and hutches as well as an excellent selection of straw and bedding. Even snugly couches and hammocks for the overindulged! Of course we’ve got rabbit food, guinea pig pellets and yummy treats for... Read more 


Hay is for Horses! Our extensive range of horse feed includes hay bales and hay rounds as well as market-leading brands such as Barastoc, Cop Rice, Hygain, Mitavite, Lauke Mills, Speedi-beet, Kentucky Equine Research, Virbac, Kohnke’s Own, Ranvet’s, Hi Form, Brown’s Animal Herbal and more. We also stock a great range of horse grooming and health... Read more