Design with black polished pebbles

December 18 2014

Wallington’s landscape supplies sells black polished pebbles in bulk so what you do with them is only limited by your imagination.

Decorative polished black pebbles are naturally smoothed and polished as they tumble through the flowing waters of mountain rivers.  The black river pebbles we stock in our Bellarine landscape supplies yard, just 15 minutes from Geelong, are between 20mm and 40mm; rich and black in colour and smooth to the touch.

Some cultures imbue black or white pebbles with mystical properties, believing that black river pebbles can protect you from evil and bring you positive energy.  This makes them a perfect stone for a front path, or you can even embed them into your front wall.  Use some all-weather super glue and create an interesting design on your front wall or use the polished black pebbles to create your street number.  Let interesting design combine with the mystical powers!

Others believe coloured river pebbles are simply an excellent landscaping design feature, for indoors and out.

In the garden decorative river pebbles can be lain on garden beds, providing an excellent inorganic mulch that helps regulate temperature and retain moisture in the soil around your plants.  Use black polished pebbles to contrast against bright foliage or tone in with darker hues.

On paths, polished black pebbles can be used loose or concreted in.  Bring together with snow white pebbles (also available in 20kg bags from Wallington’s landscaping supplies) for a striking and modern look, or mix with darker reddish and brown river pebbles for something a bit more earthy.

In combination with coloured or white river pebbles, use black polished pebbles to create mosaics on the ground or walls of your outdoor entertaining area.  They also make a great feature around swimming pools and spas.

Mosaic designs using polished black pebbles and river pebbles of other colours can be brought inside, particularly into wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Used with other colours or as a solid black effect, pebbles are a great design idea for bathroom floors and walls as an alternative to tiling.  Make your bathroom look and feel like an exclusive spa resort!

Decorative polished pebbles create a contemporary feel in the kitchen as well when used on splashbacks or even bench tops.  You need to ensure the pebbles are appropriately sealed for hygienic cleaning and form a non-combustible surface.

Black polished pebbles don’t need to be confined to wet areas, you could create a river pebble mosaic in your front hall or install a decorative wall feature anywhere in your home.

For more inspiring ideas and uses for polished black river pebbles, checkout our Black polished pebbles board on Pinterest.

If you’re looking to do a big design project, you’ll need to purchase your pebbles in bulk and you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Victoria that sells bagged black polished pebbles.  Wallington’s landscape supplies has polished black river pebbles in bulk and available for delivery.  We have regular deliveries to the Bellarine and Geelong district, and we can deliver anywhere in Victoria.  Contact us for a quote today.