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Largest Pet Supplies on the Bellarine Peninsula

Largest Pet Supplies on the Bellarine

January 21 2020

Great pet food range and pet supplies Wallington’s has the best Pet Supplies range on the Bellarine. We stock premium pet food and natural animal solutions for cats and dogs, horses, and small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs as well as poultry and birds. We have an excellent range of accessories for animals of…

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Cooking With Smoke – Premium Hark Industries Barbecue Equipment In Stock!

September 1 2018

Experience the ultimate ‘Barbecue Smoking’ with a range of Smoking Ovens, outdoor BBQ cooking units, wood chips, flavourings and accessories from Hark Industries.

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Swimming pool maintenance

Pool Water Testing & Hygiene

August 28 2018

Free pool water testing for the Bellarine peninsula. Testing daily from 9am-12pm and over-night   We live so close to the beach, but a surprising number of households around Drysdale, Clifton Springs, Ocean Grove, Leopold and all over the Bellarine Peninsula have swimming pools.  And what fun they are! But they’re no fun if family…

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Reptiles At Wallingtons

August 17 2018

Wallington’s are excited to announce that we are the first store on the Bellarine Peninsula to stock reptiles and a great range of products to suit their needs. At Wallington’s our knowledgeable and proud staff love all kinds of animals, including the ones that slither, shed, crawl and hop! We now sell a range of…

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The Basics of Electric Fencing – Fencing Supplies, Wallington.

June 15 2018

It is no secret that the process of shearing makes livestock nervous and annoyed, hence it’s essential for the farmers to be in charge at all times. When we think of electric fencing, our mind creates a picture of some kind of arrangement of wires designed to protect animals. But where do you start? If you…

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Making Cheese At Home – New Cheese Making Kits Available Now!

August 22 2017

Explore the joy of making your own delicious Cheese using our new range of Cheese Making Kits

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Winter warmth for your soil

April 26 2017

Organic sugar cane mulch made from a renewable resource is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly mulch available. A 14kg jumbo bag will give you 9m2 of mulch coverage! Sugar cane mulch is a great way to insulate your soil against Geelong’s cold winter air while supressing weeds and retaining moisture. Unlike straw mulch, Sugar cane…

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Straw Bale Gardening

April 26 2017

Straw Bale Gardening is great form of organic gardening that is a cheap alternative to raised bed vegetable gardening. Perfect for any keen gardeners with: Limited space Poor soil Mobility issues Straw bales are relatively small, compared to traditional container gardens. They can be placed on any surface – concrete, ashfelt, sand, grass … anything!…

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Aquarium Maintenance & Fish Care – The Essentials

March 27 2017

Aquarium owners who have had problems in keeping fish alive for weeks and even some months are always shocked to know that the normal lifespan of the typical aquarium fish is measured not in months but in years. Although it may vary from species to species, an aquarium fish should be able to have a…

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Bountiful tomatoes with Epsom Salts

October 8 2016

Epsom salts are a great organic mineral supplement for your garden. They’re inexpensive and safe for your plants, pets and kids. For hundreds of years gardeners have used Epsom salts to improve fruiting and flowering of all sorts of plants. It’s known to enhance colours and textures and produce stronger more bountiful crops and blooms….

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