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Winter warmth for your soil

April 26 2017

Organic sugar cane mulch made from a renewable resource is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly mulch available. A 14kg jumbo bag will give you 9m2 of mulch coverage! Sugar cane mulch is a great way to insulate your soil against Geelong’s cold winter air while supressing weeds and retaining moisture. Unlike straw mulch, Sugar cane…

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Straw Bale Gardening

April 26 2017

Straw Bale Gardening is great form of organic gardening that is a cheap alternative to raised bed vegetable gardening. Perfect for any keen gardeners with: Limited space Poor soil Mobility issues Straw bales are relatively small, compared to traditional container gardens. They can be placed on any surface – concrete, ashfelt, sand, grass … anything!…

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Aquarium Maintenance & Fish Care – The Essentials

March 27 2017

Aquarium owners who have had problems in keeping fish alive for weeks and even some months are always shocked to know that the normal lifespan of the typical aquarium fish is measured not in months but in years. Although it may vary from species to species, an aquarium fish should be able to have a…

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Bountiful tomatoes with Epsom Salts

October 8 2016

Epsom salts are a great organic mineral supplement for your garden. They’re inexpensive and safe for your plants, pets and kids. For hundreds of years gardeners have used Epsom salts to improve fruiting and flowering of all sorts of plants. It’s known to enhance colours and textures and produce stronger more bountiful crops and blooms….

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Chicken Day At Wallingtons 2017

October 1 2016

Saturday 18th of March 9:00am – 1:00PM Come one, come all to another Wallington WRG’s Chook day out! We’ve got over 200 chooks attending! It’s a day full of excitement and plenty of oppurtunities to grab a good chook or just have a look at what some of the local breeders have to offer. A…

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Lilydale Topping Alternatives

Lilydale Topping alternatives

August 2 2016

Looking for an alternative to Lilydale Toppings? The Lilydale Quarry closed late last year and stocks have quickly depleted. Wallington’s WRG recently sold our last cubic meter of the popular gravel like topping.     So what’s the alternative? Lilydale topping has a great texture, it compacts well while retaining grip. Tuscan Toppings, also known…

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Mobile Pool Service

Mobile Pool Service

July 12 2016

Do you have time to regularly test your water, skim and clean? Do you really need to know all the ins and outs of pool maintenance? Don’t you have your own job to go to … and a life? If you answered yes to any of the above, then our new Mobile Pool Service is…

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Reclaimed Timber wall cladding

Reclaimed solid teak wall cladding

June 21 2016

A fantastic alternative to stone wall cladding, this reclaimed timber paneling is exclusively available at Wallington’s WRG. Lighter and easier for the DIY renovation enthusiast, wooden wall cladding makes an excellent feature texture for undercover, outdoor entertaining spaces. It can be used indoors as well. Constructed with unprocessed timber reclaimed from traditional Indonesian Java houses…

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Itchy skin conditions in dogs

Itchy skin condition in dogs

June 18 2016

An itchy skin condition is a common cause of discomfort for dogs during winter. The combination of cold temperatures and dry indoor heating can affect your dog’s ability to regulate a normal balance of skin oils and bacteria. This can result in itchy, dry and flaky skin. Unless there is an underlying medical condition, flaky…

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Home Brew

Big Brew Taste & Judge

May 26 2016

Sat June 18 at 2pm, Wallington’s Home Brew will host their Big Brew Taste & Judge. Come along and meet local craft brewers and sample some quality home brew.* On Saturday May 7, 2016 Wallington’s Home Brew team challenged Geelong Craft Brewers to a Big Brew competition in celebration of International Homebrew Day. Six teams competed…

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