Why Garden Pots?

December 3 2014

Garden pots make perfect sense in a small city home, but if you have a decent sized suburban block somewhere like Ocean Grove or Leopold, or even acreage in Drysdale then what’s the point?

Good question.

In the first instance, a stunning pot makes relatively inexpensive architectural feature. Like a piece of well-chosen décor in your home, it makes a statement of style and personality. These days there’s such a great variety of colours and sizes of pots, as well as shapes. They’re not just round anymore, there’s square and rectangular pots and hexagonal, octagonal even triangular.

Pots can serve a practical purpose in even the largest garden because some plants don’t like to get their feet too cold or wet.

Like daphne, with its wonderfully scented white flowers. If daphne is not in a well-drained soil, it will suffer from root rot. Other more traditional flowering plants that do well in pots are camellias, azaleas and gardenias.

Similarly for citrus trees that don’t have a good tolerance for frost. By potting citrus trees, you’ll have more luck getting them to survive our chilly coastal winters around Geelong. Plant a selection of citrus in large terracotta pots for a bit of a Mediterranean theme.

Other more rugged plants are worth keeping in a pot more for the rest of the garden’s benefit than their own – like bamboo. Try planting a large clump in an oversized oriental glazed pot for a striking garden feature. By containing their roots you’ll stop them taking over and creating havoc. The same goes for geraniums, which we all know do pretty well anywhere! And bougainvilleas or wisteria.

Orchids are ideal for growing in pots, as it make it easy to move them inside in the cooler months.

When opting for potting your plants, remember you need a good, well-draining soil (and of course drainage holes at the bottom of your pot!) Plants in a pot usually require a bit more work that your average garden plant. They need to be watered more often, and pruned.

If your plant is growing out of it’s pot, move it to a larger one! Just be careful not to handle the roots too much when transplanting.

As well as a great range of garden pots, Wallington’s has potting mix and all your garden tools for potting up some stunning plants.