Winter pool maintenance

April 23 2015

There’s no getting away from it, pool care is an all year round activity.  Even though it’s already getting bitterly cold around Geelong, and you and the family are keeping well clear of the home swimming pool, you need to remember your pool’s not going to sleep.

You can prevent algae build-up in your swimming pool or spa by carrying out a winter maintenance program.  A pool cover will certainly help but it’s a good idea to use your leaf rake to scrape out any bugs or leaves that might hide under the cover, especially around the corners.  Don’t forget to empty out your skimmer basket frequently to stop any debris build up and any water flow restrictions.

Not turning on your pool pump daily is only giving your pool the opportunity to go green.  Pool chemicals need to be mixed and the water circulated.

If no one’s using the pool over winter, it’s a perfect opportunity to give it a Winterbox treatment.  This combines algae treatment and a clarifying formula.  A powerful algae treatment can be used for removal and prevention of different algae types including: blackspot, green and mustard algae.  Please note that in order for an algaecide to work correctly your PH and chlorine levels should be adjusted correctly.

It’s worth testing the water a few times during the winter to ensure chlorine, pH, and alkaline levels are within normal range.  Keeping an eye on things now can prevent an unwanted news and unnecessary work come summer, when all you want to do is enjoy your pool and spa.

Splashing about might be the furthest thing from your mind just now, but a little bit of care now could mean a lot less disappointment and effort in a few months’ time.

Remember, you want to work less and play more when it comes to using your pool.  Wallington’s WRG have the chemicals and accessories to make your pool safe and inviting.  With the latest water analysing spin disc technology, your pool water can be tested quickly and accurately every time, with an easy to read print out.  Drop by any day of the week and talk to our friendly and experienced water solutions people about your pool’s needs this winter.