Discounted Garden Mulch

September 9 2015

Our Landscape Supplies team are celebrating spring with great savings on bulk mulch purchases. Available for pick up, or delivery.

Whether you’re looking for a lawn alternative or a quality organic mulch for your garden, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Wallington’s.  Come in this September for great savings on Budget Mulch and Cypress Mulch, heavily discounted when you buy in bulk.

Organic garden mulch helps your soil retain water, reduces the proliferation of weeds and fight pests; as well as helping to moderate soil temperatures.  Organic mulches, such as wood chip mulch, pine bark mulch, sawdust, chopped leaves, straw, grass clippings, compost and black mulch, will also improve the soil as the formerly living matter starts to break down.

Give your garden a head start on summer by mulching now. Spring is the ideal time of year to replenish your garden mulch, as the soil is still moist but has begun to warm up after the clod winter months.

Check out our great savings, valid until the end of September 2015.