Garden Hose Tap Timer

December 23 2015

There’s no doubt that hosing you lawn on a summer’s evening can be quite meditative, but there are other nights when you’ve rushed home sweating from an exhausting day at work, picking up the kids etc. and the last thing you want to do is another chore. Or you’re simply not at home and the garden is still thirsty. Its times like these you need a tap timer.

You can get either manual or automatic tap timers. Both devices attach easily between your mains tap and garden hose or garden irrigation system.

A manual tap timer generally has a dial that you turn to set the desired watering time; ie 15min, 30min, an hour etc. This means your garden can be easily watered while you sit down and relax. But you do need to be around to turn it on.

An automatic tap timer is just that – automatic. You can programme it to start at a particular time each day and water for a set amount of time. Many automatic tap timers have functionality that allows you to set two or more start times in a day. Some even enable you to programme different watering times for different days. For instance, you may only want to water every two or three days.

For better water efficiency and economy you can attach a rain gauge to your automated watering system. This inhibits watering on days when there’s been plenty of rain. As well as saving you water and money, this can help prevent plants being overwatered.

Depending on the size and design of your garden you can simply set your tap timer up to a garden hose and sprinkler. Otherwise you can look at creating an automated garden irrigation system comprising a series of fixed or pop-up sprinklers, drip line irrigation or a combination of what works best for your garden.

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