Pool Maintenance In Action

January 17 2016

Meet Rob!

Rob is our pool technician here at Wallingtons WRG.
He services, cleans and maintains all of the pools that are scheduled for our pool cleaning and maintenance service throughout the week.
Rob takes great care with every pool and starts off by assessing the pools current condition and working top to bottom to create an environment that is clean, sanitary and a pleasure to swim in.

To start the process, Rob ensures that all equipment is working as it should and makes adjustments where needed to ensure all equipment is in tip-top shape. He then begins to clean the pool from the shallow end to the deep end. This ensures that any debris is collected and any left over particles make their way down to the deep end of the pool. Rob will then focus on the deep end of the pool and as a result the pool is cleared of any and all debris that trees and wind have brought in over time.


Once the pool is clean and free of all debris, Rob takes to testing the pool and identifying what needs to be added to the pool to produce a sparkling, clear finish.


Rob then takes to adding the appropriate chemicals and additives to clean not only the water but the surface of the pool. The pool is left sparkling and clear.
Take a look at this before and after shot of a pool in residential Ocean Grove. This took Rob 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete from start to finish and the result is impressive to say the least.



Rob left the owner with a detailed report of the pools health and will provide an invoice detailing every bit of work that was performed, including all chemicals used to create this healthy pool. Transparency is important in any business and we love to offer our customers a detailed look into exactly what they are paying for.

Check out our pricing structure below.


To get your pool looking like this one, contact Wallingtons WRG on (5250 2056) and ask to speak to our irrigation team. Rob may even be available to take your call and have a chat about your needs.