Winterise your irrigation system

March 19 2016

No doubt your irrigation system has had a good work out over summer and with autumn here you can start to scale down your watering.

Now is the ideal time to carry out routine inspection and maintenance on your irrigation system to ensure it’s in good working order ready for next spring. It’s better to do any necessary irrigation maintenance before the weather gets cold when playing outside with water becomes a gloomy task. You want to have it ready before spring so that if we get some sudden hot spells in early spring your sprinklers, pipes and fittings are already to go.

Quick irrigation system maintenance check list

  • Take note of any boggy patches. There might be a leak that needs to be fixed, otherwise you have a drainage issue that needs to be addressed.Garden Hose
  • Roll out your garden hose to its full extension and turn it on full to identify any leaks. While it is possible to patch garden hoses, you’re better off purchasing a new one. It’s a much smaller investment that the time to mend and the potential loss of water.
  • Check your sprinkler heads and clear any blockages.
  • Double check your sprinklers or drip line irrigation are correctly directed onto the plants that need watering.
  • If you have an automated garden irrigation system, you need to check your backflow connection.
Pop up sprinkler system Drip irrigation
  • Empty any residual water from your automatic sprinkler system and turn it off for the season, or set for once a week. There may still be some hot dry periods over autumn and early spring, so keep an eye on the weather and manually override your automated garden irrigation system as necessary.
  • Install a rain gauge or Rain Sensor and let technology do the thinking for you. An automated rain gauge will turn off your programmed watering when there have been good periods of rain to prevent overwatering and reduce you water bills!

Water tank & garden hoseAutumn is also the right time to clean out your gutters to prevent overflow in the heavy wither rains. Install gutter guards to help keep guttersclear over winter. Consider installing a rain water tank to catch all that free water to use next summer.



Wallington’s Irrigation Supplies department stocks everything you need to maintain your irrigation system. We have pipes and fittings, sprinklers, drip line irrigation supplies, garden hoses, glues and tools. We also have gutter guards and all the supplies you need to fix and maintain gutters.

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