Live competitive brew demonstration

April 20 2016

Saturday May 7, 2016

Wallington’s Home Brew team are challenging Geelong Craft Brewers to a Big Brew competition in celebration of International Homebrew Day.

The event kicks off at 11am. The demonstration will run until about 3pm. These things take time, and while there’s a chemistry to brewing it’s more of an art than a science so we can’t guarantee what time the boys will finish the brew.

At the start of the event one of our spectators will randomly select the hop to be used in the brew. Then, like many a popular cooking show, our contestants will choose their other ingredients from Wallington’s fine selection and the brew will begin.

Wallington’s will be demonstrating using the Grainfather all in one brewing system. This great piece of kit allows the homebrewer to crush grain, mash, sparge and cool all in the one vessel. This is a great opportunity to see it in action.

Spectators who think they’ve got what it takes can register to join the competition and brew in their own time using a free bag of the selected hops. Competitors are invited to bring their finished craft beer back to Wallington’s to our:

Taste and Judge Event on Saturday 18th June.

Wallington’s stocks all the homebrew ingredients and equipment you’ll need to make a great brew. Get some great advice on the day from our team and the Geelong Craft Brew guys. An excellent opportunity to meet other enthusiasts and share your knowledge. We’ll have sausages too!

Click here for the Rules of Engagement.

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Officially known as National Homebrew Day, International Homebrew Day was announced as May 7 before the USA Congress in 1988. It is celebrated around the world each year as the Big Brew, held on the first Saturday in May and promoted by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).