Tribute to Penny

July 22 2020
  Pet SuppliesAt Wallington’s we are saddened that our founder, Ed Corless’ beloved companion Penny passed away recently. Penny was a regular here at WRG following Ed everywhere he went. You may have also seen her on many advertising materials over the years posing as a gorgeous Border Collie. Ed had a great love of animals that was a major influence throughout his life and shaped our ever growing Pet Department.
Below Allason has written a touching tribute for Penny. Allason and her family have looked after Penny for the last 10 months and with the help of our amazing friends at Cherished Pets and in particular Dr Alicia, they kept Penny healthy and happy until the peaceful end. We thank both the family and the Cherished Pets team for looking after her so caringly. Penny, you will be missed” Rory Campbell
“When Ed passed away 2 years ago I don’t think anyone expected Penny
to live more than a few months. Her world with Ed was one of loyalty & companionship. She had spent her life by his side dedicated to only him. Wherever Ed went, Penny went. She was a familiar face in both WRG, the real estate office & the farm. And then it was over.
When Penny came to stay with us she was an elderly dog with no master who needed extra care. Her world changed completely and she found herself in our home with a cat, a dog and 2 kids. I’d like to say that in her last 10 months with us she got some peace and quiet but she didn’t, she got anything but.
However, she showed us that there’s life left in old dogs, that they can enjoy new things, try new things & change their old ways.
We miss Penny dearly but there’s a comfort in knowing she’s back at her masters side & that we got to share the last months with her enjoying her life”