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Tribute to Penny

July 22 2020

  At Wallington’s we are saddened that our founder, Ed Corless’ beloved companion Penny passed away recently. Penny was a regular here at WRG following Ed everywhere he went. You may have also seen her on many advertising materials over the years posing as a gorgeous Border Collie. Ed had a great love of animals…

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The Basics of Electric Fencing – Fencing Supplies, Wallington.

June 15 2018

It is no secret that the process of shearing makes livestock nervous and annoyed, hence it’s essential for the farmers to be in charge at all times. When we think of electric fencing, our mind creates a picture of some kind of arrangement of wires designed to protect animals. But where do you start? If you…

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Why farm gates are popular in Geelong

March 6 2014

Farm gates come in many shapes and sizes so it is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. When choosing a gate it’s important to consider its primary function. Is your gate intended to make a grand entrance to your rural property or stop your animals wandering? If it’s to contain pets and livestock then you really can’t…

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