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We’ve got a vast range of home brew supplies including brewing ingredientshardware, cleaning and sanitising products and draught beer supplies. Follow the Wallington’s WRG Homebrew Facebook Page for beer-brewing advice, news, interesting information and giveaways. Visit our store, just off the Bellarine Highway.

American Barbecue

Smoking and grilling your barbecue foods is a great way to give different meats and other foods a variety of flavours. Wallington’s WRG stocks Hark Industries’ high quality smoking equipment along with a large range of accessories. We also offer expert advice in-store, so come in and browse our supplies and a staff member will... Read more 

Cleaning & Sanitising

Wallington’s WRG stocks a range of cleaning and sanitising equipment and products to help ensure your home brew isn’t ruined by contamination. We recommend using Star San sanitiser which is used in many commercial breweries and wineries. It is an acid-based, no-rinse sanitiser which will not affect the smell or taste of your brew. Our... Read more 

Draught Beer Supplies

True draught beer is beer served from a cask or keg rather than a bottle or can. Kegging your own beer gives better control over the final carbonation levels of your home brew. Wallington’s WRG stocks stainless steel kegs, beer taps, CO2 bottles and more. We also offer expert advice in-store, so come in and browse... Read more 

Home Brewing Hardware

Wallington’s WRG is where you will find all your home brew supplies coupled with competitive prices and excellence in-store service. Our range of home brewing hardware will have you covered for creating crisp draught beers and top-shelf spirits and liqueurs. Our home brewing hardware includes kegs, stainless steel fermentation tanks, beer taps, filters, strainers, bottles,... Read more 

Home Brewing Ingredients

Home brewing craft beer and cider is more than a hobby, it’s a passion.  That’s why we stock quality fresh ingredients, house-made recipe kits as well as excellent commercial cider and beer kits. We actively seek out new products and chase down special orders for our customers.  Join the discussions or make an inquiry via our Facebook... Read more 

Specialty Kits

Creating your own Cheese, Sausages, Butter and other craft foods is an excellent way to tailor the taste of food by the way that you create it. Wallington’s WRG stocks a wide range of specialty kits including but not limited to Sausage Making Kits, Ginger Beer Kits, Cheese Kits & Cultures, Sourdough Kits, Kefir Kits... Read more